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Do you absolutely love the idea of throwing tea parties for little girls, always wondered if you could do this as a side business, but don't know where to start?

Lisa’s kit gives you an easy to follow step by step guide that allows you to get started! Sonya, Maryland

Here Is What You'll Learn

  • 5-ways to start your Princess Party Side-Biz Discover alternative ways to get started without leasing a space

  • What you can expect from The Princess Party Coach Everything we do together, including my personal coaching, is focused on teaching you how to start a successful side business.  


  • See why Princess Parties may be right for your business Business owners create an additional income stream, reach more customers, and grow your business by streamlining the addition of children's tea parties.
  • What makes Princess Parties so much fun? Do you absolutely love the idea of throwing tea parties for little girls, and always wondered if you could do this as a side business?  


  • Why are Princess Parties so financially rewarding? Princess Parties can be run on weekends, attracting premium prices while maintaining modest overhead cost.

  • Who it is for? Perfect for women who want to have fun with a side business, working 2-days a week, without quitting your 9-5, just yet.

“I love being with kids and princess parties seemed like a natural way to add business at my teashop. 

The Business Kit really helped streamline the process.” Kay, Ilinois

About Lisa Rose

Let me share with you two decades of making lots of little girls (and Moms) very happy, plus tips, successes, and failures I've encountered over the years.  

I'll give real advice on exactly what to do and not do in order to have a successful business. After our conversation, I am confident that you'll believe that your dream career of being a tea party business owner can very much be a reality.

 I’ve taken my expertise from over 7,000 parties and compiled it in The Princess Party Training Kit so women like you can profit with a purpose, bringing joy into your life and lives of others. I’m giving you a proven model with the tools necessary to succeed in running your own business.

“I am the owner of a childcare center looking to add an additional source of income for myself. This is the resource I have been looking for.” Rheitta, Georgia